Rubyconf Unofficial Speaker List

by gregg on Sep 12, 2008

The Rubyconf schedule is posted, but you may have noticed that there is no "Speaker" page, where you can see a simple list of who is talking. I wanted to see a list, so I broke out my trusty Hpricot, and here is my unofficial list. Click their names for their talk descriptions / bios.

  • Gregg Pollack speaking about "Scaling Ruby (without the Rails)"
  • David Koontz speaking about "Monkeybars: easy cross platform GUIs"
  • Scott Chacon speaking about "Using Git in Ruby Applications"
  • Andy Maleh speaking about "Simplifying Desktop Development with Glimmer"
  • David Goodlad speaking about "Ruby for Embedded Applications"
  • Mark Bates speaking about "Building Distributed Applications"
  • Jamis Buck speaking about "Recovering from Enterprise: how to embrace Ruby’s idioms and say goodbye to bad habits"
  • Jim Menard speaking about "Ruby In the Clouds"
  • Nicholas Schlueter speaking about "rush, a shell that will yield to you"
  • Rein Henrichs speaking about "Unfactoring From Patterns: Job Security Through Code Obscurity"
  • Preston Lee speaking about "Peer-Aware Desktop Application Development"
  • Joe Martinez speaking about "Better Hacking With Training Wheels"
  • W. Idris Yasser speaking about "NeverBlock, trivial non-blocking IO for Ruby"
  • Francis Hwang speaking about "Testing Heresies"
  • Dan Yoder speaking about "Resource-Oriented Web Applications WIth Waves"
  • Jonathan Dahl speaking about "Aristotle and the art of software development"
  • Mike Perham speaking about "Patterns in Distributed Processing"
  • Ben Scofield speaking about "All I Really Need to Know* I Learned by Writing My Own Web Framework "
  • Nathaniel Talbott speaking about "Fear of Programming"
  • Greg Borenstein speaking about "Ruby Arduino Development: Physical Computing for Everyone"
  • Luc Castera speaking about "Ramaze: The underrated Web Application Framework "
  • Tammer Saleh speaking about "Coding for Failure: All you need to know for building rock solid applications in 60 minutes."
  • Dean Wampler speaking about "Better Ruby Through Functional Programming"
  • Adam Wiggins & Blake Mizerany speaking about "Lightweight Web Services with Sinatra and RestClient"
  • Jim Weirich speaking about "What Every Rubyist Should Know About Threads"
  • Aaron Patterson speaking about "Mixing Metaphors or; How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love JavaScript"
  • Eric Ivancich speaking about "Effective and Creative Coding: Help from Cognitive Psychology in Caring For the Rubyist’s Mind"
  • Jake Scruggs speaking about "Using Metrics to Take a Hard Look at Your Code"
  • Jeremy Hinegardner speaking about "Crate : forming your custom ruby application into a packaged, standalone, easily distributable executable"
  • Sam Stephenson speaking about "Tcl for Rubyists"
  • Ilya Grigorik speaking about "Ruby Heavy-Lifting: Lazy load it, Event it, Defer it, and then Optimize it."
  • Yehuda Katz speaking about "Writing Code That Doesn’t Suck: Interface Oriented Design"
  • Mike Pence speaking about "Components are not a dirty word: modeling your Rails interface with stateful objects"
  • Rick DeNatale speaking about "The Fall and Rise of Dynamic Programming Languages"
  • Glenn Vanderburg speaking about "How Ruby Can Be Fast: A Tour of Dynamic VM Technologies"
  • Micah Martin speaking about "Ruby Kata and Sparring"
  • Alan Francis speaking about "Ruby with an Accent: Organizing a Regional Conference"
  • Rich Kilmer speaking about "OS X Application Development with HotCocoa"
  • Neal Ford speaking about "Advanced DSLs in Ruby"
  • Christopher Nelson speaking about "A wonderful, awful idea: ruby in the browser (and oh by the way it actually works!)"
  • Simon Chiang speaking about "Tap--[not] a talk about replacing rake"
  • Michael Granger speaking about "Making Your Code CRAPpier: Applying Principles of Visual Design To Code"
  • Sam Ruby speaking about "Ruby 1.9: What to Expect"
  • Gregory Brown speaking about "The Ruby Mendicant Project"
  • Joe O'Brien, Jim Weirich, Chris Nelson speaking about "The Ruby Code Review. A Play in Three Acts"
  • Larry Diehl speaking about "Genetic Programming meets TDD"
  • Seattle RuBrigade speaking about "Seattle.rb Rocks!"
  • Jonathan Branam speaking about "Introducing Red Sun-a Ruby to Flash bytecode translator and UI framework"
  • Ben Bleything, Yossef Mendelssohn speaking about "Two Turntables And A Git Repo"
  • Marc Chung speaking about "Hacking with ruby2ruby"
  • Steven Parkes speaking about "Dramatis: Actors for Ruby"
  • Andrew Clay Shafer speaking about "A Puppet Story: Systems Building Systems (automation at scale) "

There you have it, all the speakers. It's a cool mix, and even cooler that it's taking place here in my city, Orlando.

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