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by gregg on Jul 27, 2007

Here in Orlando I've been doing my part to put together our own BarCamp event. Jason Hawkins and I threw this video together to let people know what BarCamp is:

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BarCamp's are happening all over the world these days, and I highly recommend attending one if you get a chance. To find one in your area, check out the official BarCamp website.


If you're going to be anywhere near Orlando September 23rd, come on out -- It will be a great (and educational) time. Both Jason and I will be there (more than likely speaking) and Rails Envy will be one of the sponsors of the event. "But Gregg," you may be saying to yourself, "Why would a blog sponsor an event? Isn't that something that a company would do?" Right you are! That brings me to the news: Rails Envy will be incorporating very soon and we'll be available for hire for your Rails projects. Stay tuned.

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